panoramic views and affordability with just a bit of wind

Some Wellingtonians have never heard of Southgate. It’s a compact area that is set along a narrow ridgeline between Houghton Bay and Island Bay. Housing here is typically from the 1960’s and 1970’s, with the occasional newer dwelling. It’s an affordable locality where you can pick up a good sized home for far less than what you would pay in nearby Island Bay.  Being on top of the hill you get magnificent views, including views over Cook Strait and to the South Island. But you’d better be prepared for the wind. The ridgeline position means it’s very exposed to the weather in all directions.


Locality: South

Best suited to: Families wanting more space at a reasonable price, first home buyers.

Population Profile

People that live in Southgate enjoy the area for the excellent sunlight, panoramic views and affordability of homes in comparison to nearby Island Bay. The demographic in Southgate is varied, ranging from young first home buyers, through to retired folk. The area contains a number of rental properties, attracting the young workforce who don’t need to be close to the central city, or perhaps work in the southern or eastern suburbs. The area has a bus service to the central city, but it’s not as regular as other suburban locations, so many residents in Southgate will own a vehicle.

Typical homes

Most of Southgate was developed during the 1960’s and 1970’s, so the dominate housing you’ll find will be single or two storey weatherboard homes.  Many homes are built on sloping sites and a number have had their original basement areas converted into extra living space. The area grew again in the 1980’s when single level, cementboard clad homes became the norm. A limited number of newer homes have been constructed on steeper, difficult sites, or on sites that have been subdivided off a larger allotment. Homes in Southgate are very exposed to the weather, from all directions. Some have been better maintained better than others. It’s important to consider regular maintenence in these exposed conditions.



There are no shopping services within Southgate. Island Bay is the closest shopping village, a short drive to the west.


The closest primary school is Houghton Valley School, set on Houghton Bay Road. The school has an enrolment zone that includes Southgate. The school is an easy walk for most pupils with short cuts through neighbouring Sinclair Park, to the school grounds. Secondary schools are located in Kilbirnie to the east, or in the central city area to the north.

As long as I’m staying in New Zealand I want to stay here. I love the location and I have an amazing room with a million-dollar view and a very reasonable price. Being able to go down the hill to run along the ocean is something I really value as is the number of stars you can see at night.
— Alyssa

Leisure activities

The Southern Walkway skirts the eastern edge of Southgate and includes the large playing fields in Sinclair Park.  The walkway continues north, climbing a short distance up onto Mt Albert where you get panoramic views over the suburbs and the south coastline. Southgate Park on Southgate Road comprises two large, level playing fields which enjoy great sunlight and views over the Cook Strait.

Real Estate


Southgate has been a haven for first home buyers, and even with recent rising prices…

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