9 Reasons to Live in Seatoun

It's Flat

Seatoun village is on a flat area of land between east-facing hillsides and Wellington Harbour. This means it's easy to walk around the suburb, to get to the beach, the shopping village, the school, and onto public transport into the city. Other parts of Wellington can be hellishly hilly in comparison.

The Beach Is On Your Front Doorstep

Step outside your Seatoun home and you'll likely have less than a 5 minute walk to the waterfront. This is an amazing thing if you're into water sports of any description, or just enjoy a stroll along the wild coastline. The comings and goings of the ferrys and other harbour traffic can keep you amused for hours.

It's Family Friendly

Seatoun residents are predominately families with school age children.  The is plenty of support for parents in such an environment and the streets away from the main thoroughfares are quiet. Seatoun School holds an annual gala that is very popular among the locals too.

Attractive, Character Homes

Seatoun was developed mostly during the 1920's to 1940's. Thus the locality is home to a number of timber bungalows, art deco styled dwellings, and a number of mid-century homes. Because Seatoun has always been an affluent area, homes here tend to be bigger than average and a little more grand overall. Renovations and additions are normally carried out in sympathy with a homes original era.

It's Handy To The Airport

If you're a frequent traveler you'll be impressed with the short drive or taxi ride to Wellington airport. Having said this the locality is buffered from the worst of the airport runway noise by the hills that surround the western side of the suburb. Planes typically follow a north/south landing pattern in Wellington and Seatoun luckily avoids being directly under the flight path.

It Feels Like A Holiday Destination

Set on the eastern coastline, Seatoun feels like a beach holiday location, rather than a suburb of Wellington. You can smell the sea when you come out the Seatoun tunnel and this naturally evokes childhood memories of holidays at the beach. It's probably hard to find a similar Wellington suburb where you immediately relax upon arrival, simply due to the natural environment here.

There's Room For Capital Gain

Seatoun is a high-cost locality and much of the value here is attached to the land. A vacant site can easily set you back half a million dollars or more.  But what this means is this you can happily spend money on building a quality home, or money on home improvements, and expect to get your money back. This is a location where it's hard to over capitalise. It's a place where people settle for a long time, rather than a place where they look to make a quick gain and then move on to a better locality.

The Weather's Actually Quite Good Here

Seatoun is sheltered from the harshest of Wellington winds. The surrounding hills protect the suburb from the worst weather from the north and south. This give Seatoun a micro-climate that makes it a bit warmer overall than other parts of Wellington, and especially those areas which are more exposed.

Take A Leisurely Ferry Ride To Work

Rather than take a bus or drive to work in the city, why not take a ferry cruise? At present the East by West ferry service runs a very limited service to Seatoun - just one morning trip into the city and two evening trips back. There are also limited weekend services. However, if you can make the allotted times it's a great way to travel into the central city, avoid traffic, and soak up the beauty of Wellington Harbour.