8 Reason to live in Mornington

It's a bit secret and undiscovered

Ask Wellingtonian's about Mornington and you're more than likely get a blank look.  Many have never heard of the suburb and wouldn't be able to place it on the map. That's because it plays second fiddle to more popular areas like Brooklyn and Mt Cook. But that's ideal if you're looking for somewhere a little different, off the beaten track.

It's actually really close to the city

You can drive into the city from Mornington in about 5 to 10 minutes. Yeah, it's really only just south of Mt Cook. You can walk in about 40 minutes.  There's also a bus service (only weekends though) that'll get you to Courtenay Place in about 20 minutes.

You'll likely get more space for your dollar

Sections in Mornington are larger than you'll find in the intensively developed city suburbs like Mt Victoria, Mt Cook and Newtown. So if you prefer a bit more privacy from your neighbours, Mornington is likely to deliver.

It's leafy and green

As a kind of a consequence of more space, Mornington homes tend to have bigger gardens and an overall greener environment. The land in Mornington is steep in areas and this has held back more intensive development. This just means you're likely to have some nice big trees to look at, and areas where you can develop a garden, if you wish.


Mornington has a wide, easterly aspect. Houses are often set on terraced hilliside sites, so this means that you'll look over the rooftops of other houses, generally toward Newtown and the eastern suburbs.  Many Mornington homes look as far as the distant Ruahine ranges, a real bonus when there's snow on the tops.

MacAlister Park for the kids

This large park is set at the lower, eastern end of Mornington. It's a very spacious area to take kids for ball games. The park links into the Southern Walkway, extending north towards Mt Cook or south toward Kingston. Thus there's plenty of public space for kids to enjoy roaming in.

Bus route into the city

The No.21 bus travels through Mornington on weekdays. It's a service that will take you into the central city in about 20 minutes. The service actually carries on after the city, going up through Thorndon and all the way to Karori. There are plenty of interesting places along the way to stop off too.

It's affordable to buy here

Because it's less well known, a bit hilly and a bit shaded compared to other central suburbs, you'll find that property prices here are much more affordable. You'll also get something bigger, and often with more garden space.  This appeals to first home buyers in particular.