Berhampore on the rise

It's interesting but not surprising to read about the rise of Berhampore, in this morning's Dominion Post newspaper. Apparently values have risen here 10 percent since 2012. 

In my analysis of Berhampore I mention how the shopping strip has slowly risen from dereliction, into an interesting and eclectic mix of independent stores. These include new cafes, bakery, bistro, jewelry and home-ware stores. It really was only a matter of time until this occurred. The shopping strip here is compact (perhaps 10-12 stores) but they have a focus onto a busy thoroughfare with plenty of passing traffic.

Young entrepreneurial shop keepers have no doubt seen the potential of the area. They are likely enjoying rents that are lower than what they would pay in nearby Newtown. These rents are likely to rise when they are reviewed, although the lack of store numbers means that there's likely some period of time before evidence for rent rises becomes apparent.

Overall, the revival of the shopping area is a boon for residents of Berhampore, giving them a much improved local hub. It will also bring in new buyers who may not have considered the area beforehand. This of course will ultimately have a knock-on effect for residential property values here.

The whole newspaper article can be read here