10 reasons to live in Te Aro

No transport costs

Live and work in Te Aro and you can forget about transport costs. You can easily walk across the city in 20 minutes, probably less once you're discovered a few short cuts and your legs have woken from a slumber. Sure you can catch a bus across town, but why spend the money when you can walk and enjoy the exercise?

Lots of people

OK. A wee moment of truth here. Compared to London, New York, Sydney, and dare I say it, Auckland, Wellington is more like a one-street village. But compared to most Wellington suburbs, Te Aro has a population density at least enough to make you feel like you're not alone on this earth. If you come from a city, you'll likely feel more comfortable with a fair number of people around. 

Coffee, craft beer, food options galore

Wellington might not be a large city, but coffee, craft beer and food options are simply out of this world for a city of this size.  There's something for all tastes and budgets in Te Aro. Of course you already know that Wellington coffee roasters are world renowned. The service is wonderfully warm too, with typical Kiwi generosity.

You can easily get into some green space

Need a break from all the concrete and steel? The waterfront is a perfect place to unwind away from the bustle of the city. There are plenty of city parks to explore too. Mt Victoria and Te Ahumairangi form part of Wellington's Town Belt - a wonderful green space on the edge of the city where you can walk, mountain bike, or just sit and enjoy the views over the city and harbour.

Easy to escape

The transport hubs out of Wellington are right here or close to Te Aro. Get on a ferry and have day cruise to the South Island. Hop on a train and head north to the Kapiti Coast (beaches, shops, walks) or to the Wairarapa (wineries, better weather, arts and crafts). Book a plane trip to other New Zealand destinations and be there in only an hour!

Multi-cultural and educated

Te Aro's population is one of the most multi-cultural in Wellington. There are large numbers from Asia, Australia, United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. If you're from another country and looking to find a hub of friends who share your country or city of birth, you're likely to find them in Te Aro. The population here is also well educated, with many bachelor or higher degree qualified - smart people with interesting opinions.

Apartments beat old houses for live-ability

You're very likely to live in an apartment here. Compared to living in a drafty old villa or bungalow in the outer suburbs, you're going to have smaller power bills, less dampness, more warmth, and less need for woolly jumpers. Apartments are almost always better insulated than houses, but especially those that are offered for rent.

It's safe

Any city is going to have it's share of crime. I haven't got the official statistics but the antisocial behaviour I've seen can be counted on less than two hands. Te Aro is very well lit and there are an increasing number of CTV cameras about.  Realistically though, the size of the city and it's egalitarian nature means that antisocial behaviour is very small compared to other, larger cities.

There's property you can afford to buy

Yeah, it's true.  You can actually afford to buy your own place here! A small studio apartment  in Te Aro can be as cheap as $100,000 (NZ). You bloody lucky people from other places with currency to convert! It almost makes me cry that, if you have pounds sterling in your pocket, you can buy something in the capital city of New Zealand for as little as 40,000 pounds!  

It's easy to escape the rain

Another home truth.  When it rains in Wellington it rains sideways.  You won't quite know what I mean until you experience it. When it does you'll be mighty thankful for the Council's by-law that makes most Te Aro shop owners have awnings over their storefronts. These run the full length of some streets. It's the Wellington equivalent of ducking into the Tube to escape the rain!