Tim Stokes, author My Wellington Place


Our grandiose vision - to help you choose your place in Wellington, New Zealand

I was born in Wellington and spent 47 years getting to know the place. I worked as a property valuer here for nearly 20 years and inspected thousands of Wellington homes. 

In March 2015 I moved to the UK. Being away made me appreciate Wellington even more. Wanting to share my appreciation I wrote My Wellington Place - Where to live in Wellington.

You could say it's like a local giving you a very detailed tour - with the lovely option to put me on a shelf and pick me up again, later.

In the last two years my partner and I have traveled in the UK and Canada, using housesitting as a way to discover each country. We are currently based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Best wishes

Tim Stokes